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How it works
Enneagram workshops are presented in the narrative style. Participants recognize their own positions on the Enneagram by listening to examplars that know their own position. The Enneagram describes nine (9) different positions. The positions are named after the numbers, for example a 1 or 8 or 9. The Enneagram explains how the focus of attention and emotional tendencies of all nine types differ from one another. It also describes and explains the nine different spiritual gifts.

The Enneagram is used as a map that describes internal processes. The map helps workshop participants to understand themselves better. The Enneagram is not used as a tool to type people. The narrative tradition does not use questionnaires as these tend to focus on behaviour. Behaviour is often modelled by the environment. The Enneagram focuses on internal processes and motivation rather than behaviour.

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The Enneagram is presented in modules. Modules can be described as follows :

1. Module 1: Personality Type
The Enneagram Personality Types Workshop is for those who want to know themselves better and who are on the look out for more spiritual depth. Participants are taught to know their focus of attention, their emotional tendencies and their spiritual gifts. After attending the workshop participants will be able to identify their position on the Enneagram. The following nine types are discussed and a examplar of each type will describe their inner processes:

Type 1   The Perfectionist
Type 2   The Helper
Type 3   The Performer
Type 4   The Tragic Romantic
Type 5   TheObserver
Type 6   The Loyalist
Type 7   The Epicure
Type 8   The Boss
Type 9   The Mediator

See workshop

2. Module 2: Subtypes
The Enneagram Subtype Workshop is for those who already know their Enneagram type. This workshop takes the participant a little bit further on the journey into self-knowledge and self-consciousness. Each personality can be divided into three subtypes. The subtypes focus on matters of:

Each personality type will exhibit characteristics of all three subtypes, but one subtype will dominate more than the others. As adults we are sensitive to all three areas of our type, but we will pay more attention to one subtype. The dominant subtype is the area in which we developed a physical or emotional pre-occupation. It is also the area where we bring God's gifts to the world.

During the Subtype Workshop we will learn to know our dominant subtype. See Workshop


3. Module 3: Integration of Personality Types and Subtypes
This Enneagram Workshop is for those who have already completed Module 1 and Module 2 and who are already aware of the spiritual value of the Enneagram. Module 3 is for those who are ready to do deep internal work. After Module 1 we realize that we have only touched the surface. Module 2 helped us to put a bit of colour into the picture. Module 3 is like a puzzle. We have all the pieces we need and the process of putting them together, starts now. To juggle the pieces, is a very personal process that requires deep internal work. By building our own puzzle and by observing ourselves, we patiently build our self-knowledge and our empathy for others.

Module 3 deals with each of the nine types, as well as the subtypes. This module explains how the energy of the personality type and the energy of the subtype functions together in order to give each and every individual their own unique characteristics and gifts. See Workshop. See Workshop

4. Module 4: Archetypes
The Enneagram Archetype Workshop is for those who have already discovered their Enneagram type, as well as their subtype and who learned to observe themselves. This workshop takes us a little further on our journey into ourselves, our self-knowledge and consciousness.

When we study the Enneagram type and subtype together, we understand the archetype. An archetype is that gift that is woven into our being. Nobody has to teach us, we know it instinctively. For example the archetype for a bird is the ability to build its nest. A bird knows instinctively how to do it, nobody has to teach him. The archetype workshop teaches us to discover our God-given gifts.


The workshop focuses on what we do with our spiritual gifts. Do we allow this gift to flow through the human or the divine? We also look at the Judas in ourselves and our tendency to betray Christ in us. See Workshop

5. Module 5: Dreams
The Enneagram Dreams workshop is for those who know their Enneagram type as well as subtype and are able to observe themselves. It is for those who would like to explore their journey with themselves and God on a deeper level.

The Dream workshop takes us further on our spiritual journey. John Sandford calls dreams God’s forgotten language. During the workshop we learn to remember dreams and to value our dreams. The workshop teaches dream language and dream symbolism. Dreams are analysed and understood in the context of the Enneagram type and fixation. Dreams are studied on a personal as well as collective level.

The workshop is presented over a 10-week period on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 and Tuesday evenings at 18:00 respectively. Workshop participants get the opportunity to share their dreams and the collective content will be available to all. See Workshop

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