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What is the Enneagram
The Enneagram is one of the oldest known models of human consciousness. In Greek “ennea” means nine and “gramos” means graph or diagram. The Enneagram describes nine categories of personality based on human psychology. Nine realms of experiencing the world around us and responding to it, are being described. The Enneagram describes nine very different psychological mindsets or frames of reference, nine different emotional tendencies and nine different spiritual or ethical values.The Enneagram is an ancient teaching, one of the oldest known to man. The Enneagram was first used in 1972 in America by the psychiatrist, Cloudio Naranjo. He used the narrative tradition to teach the Enneagram. Helen Palmer, a professor of psychology, further enhanced this methodology. Teachers trained in the Palmer method use carefully researched questions and descriptors of each type to guide the participants to describe their internal processes. Questionnaires that evaluate behaviour are not used because this method focuses on internal psychological processes rather than behaviour.

About the Facilitator.

Ena Theron

While working with adults, she realised the need for a spiritual dimension, which is not necessarily addressed through psychology.

Ena started on a journey to integrate spirituality and psychology. In 2006 she attend an Enneagram course in Bloemfontein. The Enneagram proved to be the answer and lit a fire in her soul. In 2007 she went to Port Elizabeth and qualified herself as an Enneagram Facilitator, under supervision of Elizabeth Dugmore. Elizabeth Dugmore studied in the United States of America under supervision of Helen Palmer and David Daniels. Her Enneagram school has international recognition....
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How can the Enneagram help us
Once we identified the place on the Enneagram where we function, it enables us to develop our strengths and gifts through a process of self-observation. The Enneagram helps us to know ourselves. Recall the ancient philosopher Socrates stating: “Know Thyself”. If you know yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, your desires and motivations, you will understand yourself better and be a better friend to yourself. If you know how your mind works, what emotions are likely to arise and how you will behave, you don’t need to act or react automatically, but you can take a few moments to change your behaviour if necessary.


The Enneagram exposes the unconscious assumptions that drive the way you see yourself, do your work, relate to your colleagues and make decisions. Along with clarifying the strengths and limitations of your own world-view, the Enneagram reveals what lays behind the behaviour of your spouse, your boss, your children, your co-workers, your client and your employee. With the Enneagram you will be able to understand why others act in the bizarre, inconsiderate, self-interested, seductive or charming ways they do. The Enneagram enables us to see others as they are to themselves. Many of us yield to the temptation to think of other types as defective versions of our own. There are nine ways of viewing the world, not just mine. The Enneagram enables us not to judge other types as right or wrong.

The purpose of studying the Enneagram is to answer the age-old question: “Who am I.” Our goal is not to change the personality, but rather to loosen the constriction of the fixated personality, whilst keeping the healthy parts. It requires courage to study the Enneagram because it confronts us with our “dark side” (the psychologist Carl Jung termed the parts of ourselves that we do not like and suppress the shadow). Our goal is to accept ourselves with our strengths and gifts, with our weaknesses and shadows. The more we accept ourselves, the less fixated the personality becomes and more of the Spirit of God can flow through us. In the words of Carl Jung “The most terrifying thing is to accept yourself completely.”

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